224 Littleton Road Route110
Westford, MA 01886
Rental Policies

Rental Inventory

We maintain an extensive rental inventory; however, some items may not appear on our website.  Please call to ask about anything that you do not find listed.  Long term rentals are available.  Call for more information.

Pricing and Payment

Prices are subject to change without notice.  Please call to verify our rates.  Rental charges are based on time out not on time used.  This includes Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.  All rental charges are payable in advance unless you have an existing store charge account.  All rentals are subject to the Massachusetts state sales tax.


Some items will have a cleaning deposit included in the rental charge.  The deposit will be refunded when the item is returned in good clean condition.


We accept reservations on all rental items.  Call us to make a reservation.  Reservations are strongly recommended for weekend rentals, seasonal equipment, and party rentals. 

Delivery and Pickup

We offer delivery and pickup on all items.  Call to request our rates.


Trailers are available for transporting various pieces of rental equipment.  All vehicles used to tow our equipment must meet certain requirements.  Please call to see if your vehicle is suitable.